BY Haco  JUN 30, 2017
All Japan Sake Fair 2017 is held by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association. Running into the 11th year, the Fair keeps its own way to let more people to understand the charm and taste of sake. More than 800 kinds of sake from brewers in 45 prefectures is showing. This is the world’s largest sake event, with attendance of more than 6,000 last year. In the fair, guests can taste as well as purchase sake and sake-based liqueurs, discuss sake brewing with expert brewers, and learn about the finest point of sake tasting and appreciation.
There are actually two events in ALL JAPANSAKE FAIR 2017; the 105th Annual Japan Sake Awards Public Tasting and the 11th All Japan Sake Fair.

The 105th Annual Japan Sake Awards, at the Public Tasting area, guests can taste 410 award winning sake. It has been set up like a tasting room, lots of long tables with white table clothes and sake bottles are placed on the table by prefecture.
All guests will receive a tasting cup when entering the room and they are then, free to taste and judge all sake by its aroma, taste and color.

Some guests are very serious to taste sake and making note. Some are just enjoying sake and exchange opinions with friends. International guests are very excited to taste such high quality of sake all at once.
The 11th All Japan Sake Fair is more like a festival. Each prefecture has decorated their booths and promoting their sake. Guests had chances to talk with brewers and taste different types of sake.
All booths have different characters and some even prepared snacks for guests.

We interviewed some international guests in there.
A young lady from Mexico said “I like to drink sake with fish cuisines. But it will be good to drink sake with spicy Mexican food.”
A young man from New Zealand said “it is quite easy to get Japanese food and drinks in New Zealand. So I have experience to drink sake there but Japan has more variation and quality is much better, off course.”
Young couple from America said “we just moved to Japan so this is great opportunity to understand Sake and Japan culture! We are so excited. Nice sake is good for Sashimi or Sushi. But it will be interesting to dink with buffalo wings because sake is sweeter than wine or beer.”
Let’s try it out when you have chance!