sake project

合同会社ねっか & haco style, LLC 輸出日本酒で世界へ!
Nekka LLC & haco style, LLC. brew Sake for the world!

 合同会社ねっかhaco style, LLC.が世界に向けて日本酒を醸すプロジェクトを開始します!
 合同会社ねっかは2021年5月に「輸出用清酒製造免許」を全国初取得し、今年の秋から本格的に輸出用清酒の仕込みを開始いたします。そして、日本酒や焼酎などメイドインジャパンの酒類輸出を行っているhaco style, LLC. が、輸出と販売を担います。
 私たちのプロジェクトのこと、ねっか焼酎や輸出用清酒のこと、酒類輸出のことなど 気になることがございましたらどんどんご連絡ください!

 Nekka LLC and haco style, LLC. are launching the project to brew sake for the world!
 Nekka LLC acquired the “Sake Manufacturing License for Export” for the first time in Japan in May 2021, and will start brewing sake for export from this autumn. haco style, LLC., which exports made-in-Japan alcoholic beverages such as sake and shochu, is responsible for export and sales.
 Various media are gradually covering our new project. Therefore, we are very happy to receive more inquiries from everyone.
 The brand page is currently being created, so please contact us from here for the time being.  We will report again when the brand page is created.
 If you have any concerns about our project, Nekka Shochu and liquor for export, liquor export, or importing Japanese varieties, please contact us!
 Thank you for your continued support and support.

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