Experience The Lifestyle of Japanese Sake!

Sake is an alcoholic Japanese drink brewed from rice and water. It’s typically clear but can range from almost transparent to an opaque milky color. It has a higher alcohol content than beer and wine but a much milder taste, without the acidity or bitterness found in other drinks.

Sake is more popular now than ever! Its subtle flavor works well with many international cuisines and is gaining a following for being distinct from other drinks.

What’s our goal?

The aim of Ohaco is to share the joy of sake with everyone, and to do it in a way that is fun and interesting! We want to teach people the ways of brewing and enjoying sake. Through this community we’ll introduce exciting events, and collaborate with brewers and fellow sake lovers.

Who are we?

We’re bringing the knowledge of two sake sommelier, Yoco and Ivan, with the teaching experience to help you learn! We’re not here to be pretentious or to replicate a textbook. We’re here to have fun with you… and sake!