World’s first! Experience “aroma code” and “milunio” services that visualize the scent of Japanese sake

BY Haco  JUN 12, 2017

SAKE TECH LAB 2017 #1 by SAKE TECH LAB – 4th June, 2017.
For Japanese Sake, sometimes you can find information such as sweetness or sourness degree on its label. With just a little knowledge of Sake, you can at least have some ideas about what is it tastes like. However, same thing doesn’t apply to aroma. Aroma is always difficult to define or describe, and it is also, very subjective. It means it vary from people to people. Have you ever find yourself in trouble while shopping in a shop or even online because you never can synchronize your request about the smell you looking for with the salesmen or the information online?

aroma code” – a scent visualization label developed by Aroma Bit has solved such a fragrance problem. It is a smart label that can show the differences of odor in the form of patterns. These patterns are based on the measurement of a compact odor imaging sensor which also developed by Aroma Bit. With the “aroma code” in hand, you can then go to the world first e-commerce website “milunio” to select products by aroma. The “milunio” has a matching function that can search products with close enough (or even different) fragrance with your “aroma code”, it means, you can now select products by aroma with no doubt.
Isn’t it amazing? Through this Scent Visualization Service, we can realize how technology leaps nowadays.
Sake Tech Lab 2017 #1 is an event that you can experience this first Scent Visualization Service in the world, it makes us able to “see” aroma now.

We are first been taken to a dark room, an extraordinary space where a beautiful art movie is showing on the screen. It is an amazing work piece that combines art & technology together by Ms. Naoko Tosa.

Under the screen, there are several bowls of Japanese Sake. Beside each Sake, there is a color pole. We are being offered to taste the Sake using all our 5 senses. We need to pick one as our most favorable Sake and to remember the color that represents it.
We are then being led to the second room. There are twelve Sake Breweries waiting for us with Sake and Cheese. Each brewery has an “aroma code” in front of them and we have to find the “aroma code” that having the same pole color of our favorite Sake. And then, when we scan the “aroma code” by the Apps “milunio”, the information of the Sake shows up. And underneath the same page, three items that having similar aroma are introduced.

The Japanese Sake we picked in the first room has an orange pole, so, in the second room, we go look for the “aroma code” that is also in orange. We find out that the Sake we like is called Shikizakura Kaho (四季桜 花宝) by Utsunomiya. It has a delicate sweet scent of rice and a beautiful Spring flower as label. We then go to check out the two other Sake that recommended by “milunio”, which suppose to has similar aroma to Shikizakura Kaho.

We taste Honshuichi Daiginjo Genshu (本州一大吟醸原酒) by Umeda and Garyubai Bizen Omachi (臥龍梅 備前雄町) by Sanwa. And to our surprise, the two sake’s aroma is very alike to Shikizakura Kaho. If we make a blind tasting for these three Sake, we believe even professional will be find it hard to distinguish the differences. We are amazed and very impressed by the high precision of “aroma code” technology.

You can always enjoy Japanese Sake by your five senses, and now, you have one more option by using “milunio” to pick your Sake based on its aroma, so, do forget to give it a try. Cheers!

Special guests:
Freddy Svane Ambassador of Denmark in Japan
Rachel Chan J-WAVE Navigator and Honorary Kikisake-shi SAKA-SHO
Naoko Tosa Professor of Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies. Kyoto University
Shunichiro Kuroki Representative Director & CEO Aroma bit