March 3rd., Sake Fes 2018 was held by Ningyocho Sake shop at Kotsukaikan, Yurakcho.
Thirty-two breweries joined this event and over two thousand people has come & enjoyed sake. This event is started 2017 and main theme is “Want people to drink more sake”, “Enjoy sake” and “Cheer up sake industry”. So this event is very suitable for sake beginners and also sake lover who likes to discover new sake.

Mutsu Hassen – Hachinohe Brewery, Aomori
Hachinohe Brewery has been making sake since 1740 and current Master Brewer is the eighth generation. This brewery use rice and yeast (Kobo) that made in Aomori and using only local natural water. They have introduced their Mutsu Hassen Pink Label Ginjo and Mutsu Hassen Isaribi Label Tokubetsu Junmai in the event.

★Mutsu Hassen Pink Label Ginjo
It is very rich & has fruity smell like pineapple and plus a touch of floral. Its taste is sweet and with complexity.
It is better to use wine glass to drink because it will make the sweet and rich fruity smell become more enjoyable. This sake can match with cheese such like Camembert for example.

★Mutsu Hassen Isaribi Label Tokubetsu Junmai
Its smell is sweet & rich rice. Its taste is dry and light with smooth texture. Aftertaste is quite long, and the slightly sour at the end giving you a refreshing touch. Best temperature to drink is cold. Hachinohe area is a fisherman’s town. Therefore they make this sake to go well with seafood such as squid, mackerel and saury.

TAMAGAWA – Kinoshita Brewery, Kyoto
Kinoshita Brewery has been making sake since 1842 and current Master Brewer is Briton Philip Harper. Though still in his forties, he has over twenty years of sake brewing experience, and with his Spontaneous Fermentation series (made without using pure yeast cultures), products using brewing skills from three centuries ago, and other his adventurous projects, he has built up a new fan base for Tamagawa.
They introduce Tamagawa Junmai ginjo “Omachi” 2017 by Muroka Nama Genshu and Tamagawa Spontaneous Fermentation Junmaishu (Yamahai) “Omachi” 2017 by Muroka Nama Genshu.
★Tamagawa Junmai ginjo “Omachi” 2017 by Muroka Nama Genshu
It has rich Muscat smell. Taste is creamy with strong power and complex. It is a full body sake but after taste is refreshing because of the sourness. Room temperature is the best temperature to enjoy the smell and taste of this sake.

★Tamagawa Spontaneous Fermentation Junmaishu (Yamahai) “Omachi” 2017 by Muroka Nama Genshu. It contains fresh & Omachi rice smell. It has strong umami taste and drinking texture is very smooth. To bring out the best of Omachi rice, they make this sake sweeter than normal. Now this sake is very fresh but after few months later this sake will be aged then the smell and taste will change dramatically accordingly to the brewer.

Tentaka – Tentaka Brewery, Tochigi
Tentaka Brewery is located in the country side of Tochigi and surrounded by rich rice farms and natures. They are focusing to make organic sake since 2005. It means, they organic grow rice.  This Brewery has Organic Certification from America, EU and Japan.They introduced Tentaka Organic Junmai Daiginjo Funashibori genshu.

★Tentaka Organic Junmai Daiginjo Funashibori genshu
It is an organic sake and is a limited edition. It contains plum, white grapes and rice smell. The plum smell expands into the mouth and taste is sweet but bitterness comes very slowly afterwards. Aftertaste is quite long. Texture is smooth and soft. It is very unique and tasty sake that you don’t want to miss it.