Miyagi Junamishu Tanabata Party

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This Miyagi Junamishu Tanabata Party (宮城の純米酒 七夕の宴) is the great opportunity to taste Miyagi prefecture’s sake in Tokyo!
In this sake party, you can enjoy Miyagi prefecture’s Junmaishu and wonderful cuisine of Happoen which is one of the luxury hotel in Tokyo.
The Miyagi Sake Brewery Association will prepare Tanabata (summer festival) ornaments in there. When you write a wish in the strip of Tanabata, they pray for the God of sake in Sendai “Matsuo Shrine” in place of you!!


< Information >
Date: 28th June, 2017
Time:  19:00 – 21:00
Place:  Happoen http://happo-en.com/banquet/access/
Fee:  6,480 JPYen (including tax)
Capacity:  300 customers (Guests over the age of 20 can participate )

< How to buy ticket >
Purchase tickets on eplus (e +) or Family Mart Famiport
Ticket sales will end on 23th June.
However, if tickets are sold out before that, they will close the sale of the ticket.

More information, please contact below.
Miyagi Sake Brewery Association
URL: http://www.miyagisake.jp/
E-mail: info @miyagisake.jp
TEL: 022-222-3131