Yoco  Nishio
International Kikisake-shi (Japanese Sake Sommelier)
hacostyle LLC  President

The president of hacostyle LLC, Yoco has been running a trading business and also has PR experience and organizes many events.

hacostyle LLC support Sake fes Hong Kong 2017
Yoco loves Japanese sake, Japanese food and Japanese culture.
She enjoys communicating with people through Japanese sake.


Ivan  Sean
International Kikisake-shi (Japanese Sake Sommelier)
International Kikkisake-shi Association (HK) Managing Director

He is one of the founders of International Kikkisake-shi Association, has been teaching a Kikisake-shi class in China and is one of the organizers of Sakefes Hong Kong 2017.


Ben Berkery
Social Media, Design, Web admin, Proofreading, copywriting

Puckish rogue, favours DPS over defense


Jason Berkery
Design, Web admin, Proofreading

Space-age swashbuckler and all around nice guy


Leela McMullen
Translation, Localization, Editing, Copywriting

A long-term resident of Japan, Leela is also a career editor and translator whose expertise lie in journalism and international copywriting for marketing and social media. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of ROKKYUU Magazine and author of the soon-to-be-released Japancentric novel series, Reverberations.


Ji-ji Ohi
Artist, Logo Designer

He was producing sales promotion art contents such as audio and visual contents in United States of America, Europe, China and the Middle East. Currently he works with copperplate prints and illustrations. He is enjoying artistic activities and leisure time.



Nagisa Aso

Japanese Calligrapher, Logo Designer

Nagisa Aso wrote the font for our logo. She is a very experienced, young Japanese Calligrapher.
Her calligraphy style combines tradition and modernity. Now she is teaching Japanese calligraphy to kids and foreigners.

Master of Japanese Calligraphy (書道師範)
Master of penmanship (硬筆書道教師)

Yomiuri  Shoho-ten (読売書法展)
Haru no Joryu-ten (春の女流展椿山荘)